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Photo Gallery

Shubie Park Public Archaeology Dig 2015 Shubie Park Public Archaeology Dig 2015 199920436 One of the blocks in the wall of the cottage is not local stone. Like many smaller chips, it was brought in from a quarry at Purcell's Cove to be used as blocks for the Shubenacadie Canal. This one even has a drill mark to allow a stonemason to split it with a wedge and feathers. Perhaps it split wrong, because it was used here instead of on the canal itself. 199920437 It's faint, but intriguing - someone has etched a long line of tally marks in this stone, which was near the top of the north foundation wall. 199920438 199920439 199920440 199920441 199920442 199920443 199920444 199920445 199920446 199920447