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Upcoming Talks and Activities


Our March public talk, "The China Project," will be held at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic on Monday evening at 7:30, March 2nd, 2020. Doors open at 7:00. Our guest speaker is local diver and writer Bob Chaulk.

Bob has been diving in Halifax Harbour since 1989 and has amassed an impressive collection of artifacts from our past, including bottles, crockery, clay tobacco pipes, china, military artifacts and other items hundreds of years old. A born storyteller, Bob is the author of four books and is working on his second book about what it's like below the surface in the harbour.


A note to current and potential members, bring along $15 for your annual dues and see Laura! Thanks so much. See you on the 2nd!

Terry Eyland


Industrial Heritage Nova Scotia

[email protected]

Want to suggest a subject for a public talk? Want to ask us a question? Please contact our Chair or our Vice-Chair to add your input.

Dedicated to the preservation, presentation, and study of Nova Scotia's industrial heritage

Industrial Heritage Nova Scotia (IHNS) was founded in 1996 to bring together people interested in the preservation and interpretation of Nova Scotia's rich industrial past. Our group meets to present and discuss our common history, visit sites and undertake site recording using archaeological techniques. Industrial heritage consists of the remains of industrial culture which are of historical, technological, social, architectural or scientific value. We are also interested in industrial archaeology, an interdisciplinary method for studying documents, artifacts, human settlements, and landscapes created for or by industrial processes.

Our talks, always open to the general public, begin at 7:30 sharp, at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. We encourage members of the general public who are interested in the industrial heritage of our Province to join our organization. An annual membership fee of $15 is all it takes. Your membership will grant you a front row seat at any outings, and visits to various industrial sites as part of our annual field trips. Join the fun!